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Assault leads to workplace injury for police officer

Car accidents can happen at any moment. While some accidents in North Carolina may be the result of a driver's negligence, they are typically unintentional. Unfortunately, a police officer in a different part of the country recently suffered a workplace injury when witnesses claim he was intentionally struck by a car.

Car accident results in on-the-job injury for trooper

Police officers in North Carolina and across the country undoubtedly face several serious occupational hazards. While they must put themselves in between criminals and citizens, many also spend a great deal of time traveling this country's roadways. Unfortunately, a recent car accident involving a state trooper in another state has left the man suffering from an on-the-job injury.

Man faces long recovery following workplace injury

Workers in all professions in North Carolina and across the country take precautions from certain known risks in their day-to-day routines to help prevent injury. Unfortunately, not all risks are known, often taking employees unaware. For example, workers in another state are unsure what caused a recent accident that resulted in a workplace injury.

Man suffers leg injury in workplace accident

All occupations in North Carolina and across the country hold a certain degree of risk. While employees can take precautions to protect themselves, not all risks are completely avoidable, often leaving workers struggling to recover from a serious injury suffered in a workplace accident. Unfortunately, one out-of-state man suffered a leg injury following an accident that occurred at an industrial facility.

CRPS may be covered by workers' compensation

Following workplace injuries, some level of pain is expected temporarily. However, there are those who may experience prolonged pain due to developing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). North Carolina residents who develop CRPS from workplace injures may have their losses covered by workers' compensation benefits offered through their employers.

WMSDs may be covered under workers' compensation benefits

Strain and sprains are common injuries among construction workers in North Carolina and elsewhere. These injuries, known as work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD), can affect muscles, joints, nerves and tendons. Such injuries can be expensive to treat and may result in an employee needing to take extended time away from work. Thankfully, WMSDs may be covered by workers' compensation benefits.

Workplace accident leaves man with life-threatening injuries

Every day in North Carolina and elsewhere, people are injured in their places of work. Recently, in another state, a man suffered severe injuries while on the job. The workplace accident that caused these injuries is still under investigation.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: Common workplace causes

The often debilitating condition known as Complex Region Pain Syndrome CRPS, which is also sometimes called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, can be caused by workplace accidents. Acquiring CRPS/RSD can result in prolonged and severe pain, changes in skin color or temperature, swelling, and tenderness to touch. Typically, this condition impacts one or more limbs following a traumatic accident. The pain can range from a "sleeping limb" sensation similar to the "pins and needles" feeling all the way up to severe pain that prevents normal functioning in a worker.

A spine injury can have devastating effects on one's life

Every year, numerous people in North Carolina and elsewhere suffer back injuries while on the job. Some of these are muscle-related and can be easily overcome with rest, medication and rehabilitation. However, when these injuries directly affect the spine, the results can be devastating. It is not uncommon for a spine injury to cause life-long pain or even disability.

Trucker in North Carolina suffers severe on-the-job injury

A serious truck accident recently occurred in North Carolina and nearly killed the driver. According to reports, the trucker suffered a severe on-the-job injury when his breaks failed, causing his vehicle to leave the road. Thanks to witnesses to the crash, this individual was pulled to safety.

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