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Addressing the trials of workplace violence

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Accidents, Workplace Injuries

While many workers may choose to take a proactive approach to the topic of safety, sometimes it can be difficult to prepare for certain types of work-related hazards. Workplace violence continues to prove a leading cause of injury and death in many professions and being prepared to handle such issues may prove challenging in nature. Workers in North Carolina who encounter violence at work may be at risk of suffering severe harm in the process and they might not always know the steps to take to protect their interests in the aftermath of such incidents. 

Studies on workplace violence 

Studies indicate that acts of violence at work can take on numerous forms, ranging from physical assaults to acts of intimidation and harassment. When physical altercations occur at work, the results could prove dire and studies indicate that some instances of violence may even prove fatal. While violent behaviors can arise under various circumstances, studies suggest that there may be some settings in which such issues may be more likely. 

According to studies, those who work in settings in which alcohol is served may be at greater risk of encountering violent behaviors. Such issues may also be more prevalent in settings in which workers provide health care services. Studies suggest that professions such as law enforcement, delivery drivers, and customer service are just a few more examples of fields in which workers may face a greater risk of encountering workplace violence. 

Seeking compensation 

Regardless of how it occurs, those who suffer severe injuries due to the presence of workplace violence may benefit from seeking advice on their available options for aid during the recovery process. While those who suffer injuries at work may be eligible for aid through the workers’ compensation insurance system, preparing to navigate this process can be stressful and complex. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the situation a client in North Carolina is facing and assist in taking every possible step to protect his or her future interests.