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Construction accident remains under investigation

The vast majority of people in North Carolina recognize that there is some degree of risk in their chosen profession. However, no one expects that the shift to which he or she is reporting will be the last. Unfortunately, officials in another state are still working to fully understand the events that led to a fatal construction accident.

The incident happened one afternoon in early November. According to reports, police and other rescue workers were called to the scene at approximately 4 p.m. The victim, who was reportedly operating an asphalt compactor, was a 37-year-old male construction worker.

How much can I receive in wage replacement benefits?

A serious workplace injury can leave you temporarily disabled and unable to perform your job duties. Being in a situation like this can be frightening for the average North Carolina worker because it might look something like the situation described below.

Fortunately, the North Carolina workers' compensation system has your back. If an on-the-job accident leaves you unable to work, you may be able to receive wage replacement benefits.

Man sent to hospital following North Carolina workplace accident

Workplaces in North Carolina and across the country must follow certain standards that are in place to protect employers. If a workplace accident occurs, organizations such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration often opt to conduct an investigation. It was not reported whether OSHA will conduct an investigation following a recent incident that sent a man to the hospital.

The victim was apparently working on a car that was on a lift on a day in early November. The car is believed to have fallen off the lift, trapping the man. Emergency services, fire and police personnel all came to the scene to aid in the rescue of the man.

Man killed in work accident

For many workers in North Carolina, certain work-related tasks become routine. However, even the most experienced workers can fall victim to a work accident. For example, officials say that a man in another state lost his life while working at a plant.

The man was working at Shaw Industries, a company that is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and manufactures flooring products. The incident that led to the 51-year-old man's death happened on a day in late October. Reports indicate that he was pinned between a stationary I-beam and a moving part on a piece of machinery.

Man suffers fatal crush injury during workplace accident

It is in the best interests of employers to go to great lengths to protect their employees. Unfortunately, even those workplaces in North Carolina that carefully follow recommendations set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration can experience a workplace accident. For example, a man in another state recently suffered a fatal crush injury in an industrial accident.

Reports indicate that the victim of the accident was a 41-year-old man. According to reports, he was operating a crane one afternoon in mid-October. An employee was said to have been using a crane to move a steel plate with a remote control.

Fatal workplace accident remains under investigation

All occupations hold some degree of risk. While both employers and employees in North Carolina often take measures to prevent a workplace accident, hazards can appear in unexpected ways. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in another state is currently under investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

The incident that led to the employee's death happened at approximately 1 p.m. on a day in October. Rescue workers say they were called to the scene of a retirement community called Bethany Lutheran Village. Reports indicate that a worker fell off the roof, resulting in his death.

Man dies from head injury caused by falling debris

A forest fire often requires a great deal of effort. Even after firefighters have battled to put a forest fire in North Carolina out, for example, there typically must be efforts to repair the land. Unfortunately, a man in another state recently passed away as a result of a head injury that he suffered as he worked with helicopter crews following a massive fire in another state.

The fire, determined to have been caused by a human, burned over 70,000 acres this summer. In early October, crews were working to drop straw mulch onto the burn scar. Doing so, reports indicate, could help reduce the erosion following the fire.

Workers' compensation: When is insurance required?

The North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act dictates that specific classifications of employers must maintain workers' compensation insurance to pay for the medical care required by employees hurt on the job. This insurance will also pay for wage replacement benefits if a worker is too injured by an on-the-job injury to perform his or her job duties.

It's vital that every employer in North Carolina understands his or her obligations regarding the need to maintain workers' compensation insurance.

Construction worker killed by suspected drunk driver

The dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are well-known thanks to the efforts of multiple public service announcements. Unfortunately, people in North Carolina and across the country continue to make decisions that put their lives and the lives of others they may encounter at risk. In fact, a construction worker in another state recently passed away after police say he was struck by a car driven by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.

The incident happened just after 1:30 a.m. on a day in September. According to reports, a 30-year-old man drove a minivan through barricades marking the closure of three lanes of an out-of-state interstate for a construction project. Police say that the man continued driving, ultimately striking two construction workers.

Investigation set to follow fatal work accident

Every occupation holds some degree of risk. Even when a person in North Carolina feels perfectly safe, there are potential hazards that could result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, a man in another state has recently lost his life in a work accident that remains under investigation.

Reports indicate that rescue workers were called to the scene just before noon on a day in September. The sheriff's office now claims that the 60-year-old male was working at a vineyard. At the time of the accident, he was reportedly driving a pickup truck with an attached trailer on a private road.

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