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Industrial accidents: Fatal incident under investigation

Most employers in North Carolina are dedicated to protecting the safety of their workers. However, when working with heavy machinery, industrial accidents can still happen. In fact, a man recently lost his life in a work accident in another state.

The incident happened one morning on a day in early December. The 44-year-old male victim was working at a facility owned by Majestic Marble and Granite. Reports indicate that he was using a hose to spray a water trench that surrounds an automated machine. Unfortunately, he was reportedly pushed into the wedge by the equipment and crushed by a beam.

Man's arm forcefully amputated in construction accident

Most people in North Carolina are aware that all jobs hold some degree of risk. The degree of risk varies, however, according to the type of occupation and the equipment needed to complete job-related tasks. For example, construction workers could face additional risks as they use the heavy machinery. In fact, a recent construction accident in another state has left a man facing a serious injury.

The incident happened on a day in late November. Rescue workers were called to the scene at approximately 10 a.m. According to witnesses, the 44-year-old man was using a tool to bore holes in the ground -- an industrial auger -- at the time of the accident.

The long road back after a traumatic brain injury

If you are the spouse or family member of an individual who suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI) as a result of a workplace accident, you may not realize yet how hard the struggle will be for your loved one to return to any semblance of a normal life.

The hard truth is that many severe TBI patients will never recover in any meaningful way all that they have lost in their accident. That sounds harsh, but it is better to face the truth than to live in denial. This does not mean that there is no hope. Where there is life, there is hope, and the medical field continues to expand their knowledge and implementation of new technologies that could enhance the recoveries of many TBI patients.

Workers' compensation ruling in another state could set precedent

The attitude toward marijuana has shifted tremendously in the United States over the course of the last decade. More states are allowing the use of medical marijuana for health purposes with some even allowing it for recreational use. However, changing state laws can create legal questions regarding workers' compensation benefits. A recent ruling in another state could provide those in other areas of the country -- including North Carolina -- guidance regarding whether an employee injured in a work accident who tests positive for marijuana should receive workers' compensation benefits.

The ruling involved an accident that happened in 2017 at Berry Plastics Corp. An employee is said to have been attempting to repair a machine when another worker activated it. As a result, the first worker's hand was crushed. Because a drug test indicated that the man had recently smoked marijuana, Berry Plastics questioned whether the injured worker was actually at fault.

North Carolina police officer killed in work accident

All occupations hold some degree of risk. However, the type and degree of risk varies according to the job. For example, police officers are often expected to speed toward danger, including criminal suspects, potentially putting their lives at risk. In fact, a North Carolina police officer was recently killed in a work accident.

The incident happened on a day in November. According to reports, at least two police officers were responding to a report of a robbery. A news release from the police station claims that that the officers were looking for a vehicle they believe was connected to the suspect.

A variety of injuries fall under workers' compensation benefits

There are a variety of different workplaces in North Carolina. Some people work with heavy machinery, some sit at a computer all day while others rush headlong into dangerous situations as first responders. Regardless of the type of employment, all workers are at risk of suffering a work-related injury. Fortunately, many are covered by workers' compensation insurance benefits to help them cope with the costs associated with an injury suffered during the course of completing their job-related responsibilities.

Workers' comp can help employees cope with the lost wages and medical bills associated with an illness or injury caused by their work. For example, benefits would likely cover a sprained ankle in a fall, lung cancer as a result of inhaling secondhand smoke in a restaurant or carpal tunnel that develops after spending hours at a computer. These benefits also cover those who suffer mental harm, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder if related to experiences at work.

2 killed, 1 injured in workplace accident at potash plant

An industrial accident can happen regardless of the type of work being performed. Even when workers in North Carolina and other areas of the country strive to ensure that their work setting is as safe as possible, a workplace accident can still occur. Unfortunately, a recent accident in another state shows the potential harm that such an incident can create.

The incident is said to have happened one afternoon on a day in November. According to reports, it was first reported as an explosion. However, it appears that the workers involved were using industrial equipment at a potash plant owned by Intrepid when the equipment touched a power line.

3 killed, 2 from North Carolina, in out-of-state work accident

When a hurricane hits North Carolina and other states, the aftermath is often as difficult as the actual event as people struggle to assess and respond to the damage created. Often, utility workers work tirelessly to help restore power as part of the recovery effort. Unfortunately, a recent work accident that killed three men, two of whom were from North Carolina, demonstrates the risks that these workers face.

The incident happened one evening on a day in October. The three victims were reportedly working on power poles in a ditch when the driver of a pickup truck pulling a trailer exited the roadway, striking the men. The driver reportedly fled the scene on foot.

Tips for preventing electrocutions at a construction site

Nobody goes to work at a construction site thinking they're going to get electrocuted, and partially, this is why electrocutions happen. The idea of touching a live wire or stepping in an electrified puddle just isn't on our minds when we're carrying out our job responsibilities.

This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created a simple guide to zero in on the four biggest risks for North Carolina construction workers. One of the risks featured in this guide is electrocutions, which accounted for 82 construction worker deaths in 2016. Here's what OSHA says you can do to avoid getting electrocuted on the job:

Construction worker killed when heavy machinery malfunctions

Schools are a necessary part of education in North Carolina and across the country. An appropriate setting to learn is a key ingredient to ensure that young minds are able to learn. A great deal of effort often goes into constructing and maintaining these buildings, with workers potentially facing a great deal of risk. Unfortunately, a construction worker in another state was recently killed in a work-related accident.

The incident happened on a day in October at around 2 p.m. According to reports, the 55-year-old victim was operating a crane that was attached to a flatbed truck. The man is said to have been outside of the equipment while operating it.

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