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2 killed in electrical accident at construction site

When people in North Carolina move into a new home, they may not fully appreciate the work and effort that went into its creation. In fact, construction workers often face multiple risks. While certain safety precautions can be put into place, an accident with injury can still occur. In fact, two construction workers were recently killed in an electrical accident in another state.

The incident happened at approximately 8:30 a.m. on a day in October. According to reports, a subcontractor crew was laying a concrete foundation. The project was part of the construction of a new home. One of the victims was reportedly controlling a boom with a tethered remote control while the other was cleaning the truck.

Fatal work accident remains under investigation

In a workplace, there are often obvious dangers. As such, employers in North Carolina and other areas of the country will often ensure that workers are protected from these known risks. However, there are sometimes hazards that may be difficult to predict. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life in a work accident.

The incident happened at a chicken plant. On a day in early October, police say that the 59-year-old male victim was attempting to change a battery in a pallet jack. The battery was reportedly being lowered by a lever after being secured to an electric hoist.

Workers' compensation claims: What's a third-party claim?

Virtually all North Carolina wage and salary earners -- aside from certain exceptions -- benefit from workers' compensation coverage. If one of these covered workers suffers a serious on-the-job injury, he or she will be able to receive valuable compensation to pay for the cost of medical care and time spent unable to work.

The injured worker likely will not be able to pursue additional personal injury claims against the employer. However, if a third-party is at fault and liable for the accident and injuries, then the injured employee may have a viable third-party injury claim that he or she can pursue in civil court.

Man killed in North Carolina work accident

Most people recognize that there are hazards in all workplaces, despite the best efforts of both employers and workers to ensure that everyone is safe. Despite this knowledge, no one is likely prepared to be involved in a work accident. Unfortunately, a man in North Carolina recently lost his life in a construction accident.

The incident occurred on a day in late September. According to reports, the deceased victim was working at Edwards Mill Products and was employed by Quality Construction of America Inc. According to the public information officer with the N.C. Department of Labor, workers were installing a log deck.

Injured worker transported to hospital

Most workers in North Carolina and across the country are aware that all workplaces have some potential for injury. However, the risks may be higher in certain workplaces. In fact, an injured worker in another state was recently transported to the hospital after he was reportedly involved in a workplace accident.

The incident that led to the hospitalization happened one afternoon on a day in late September. According to reports, the victim, said to be in his late 20s, became entrapped in a machine called a metalizer. Specifically, his arm became crushed in rollers.

Machinery accident remains under investigation

All jobs -- regardless of whether they are mainly set at a construction site or office -- hold some degree of risk. However, occupations in North Carolina and across the country that require the use of heavy machinery could ultimately result in a serious injury. Unfortunately, a man in another state is said to have recently lost his life in a machinery accident.

The incident reportedly happened one morning on a day in mid-September. The victim of the accident, a 68-year-old man, was reportedly working on a construction project to create an elevated road to connect a bridge and a freeway. Reports indicate that he was operating a "roller" machine at the time of the accident.

Work accident re U.S Postal Service truck under investigation

While all jobs hold some degree of risk, most people assume that they are likely safe in their place of employment. Unfortunately, workers in North Carolina who are required to spend a great deal of time driving from place to place could ultimately be harmed if they become involved in a traffic accident. For example, officials in another state claim that a man has lost his life in a work accident.

The incident happened before 6 a.m. on a day in early September. According to reports, a truck, carry mail for the U.S. Postal Service, contracted through Mack Priority Transport, was involved in a collision with a train. Though initial reports indicate that the driver of the truck had "significant injuries," later reports indicate that he passed away.

4 frequently asked questions about construction site injuries

If you're like most workers who suffer a serious on-the-job injury, it may be the first and only time something like this has happened to you. As such, you may need to educate yourself on various aspects of workers' compensation law to pursue financial compensation to pay for your injuries.

Here are four of the most common questions injured workers have as it pertains to their potential workers' compensation claims:

Scaffolding accident leaves 2 workers dead

Many people in North Carolina and across the country enjoy traveling and staying in nice hotels, but many people may not fully appreciate the effort that goes into creating these experiences. Even before a hotel is completed, thousands of hours of labor are put into it. Some workers may even put their lives at risk while doing so. In fact, two workers were recently killed in a scaffolding accident in another state.

Though it happened at a site that Disney World does not own, the accident site is said to be surrounded by Disney property. It occurred at the site of a $282 million project by Marriott International that is managed by DCS Investment Holdings. Reports indicate that two men, ages 34 and 46, were killed when scaffolding collapsed. A third person almost fell but was able to "hold onto something" until other workers could help him.

Worker suffers leg injury after trapped by granite

Multiple unexpected hazards can arise in a North Carolina workplace. Even when workers attempt to be safe, a workplace setting that is unstable due to structural issues could ultimately result in an accident that has serious consequences. Unfortunately, a man in another state has suffered what may be a serious leg injury in a recent workplace accident.

The incident is said to have occurred one morning on a day in August. According to reports, a beam at ICM Stone, a stonework warehouse, gave way. As a result, several slabs of granite fell on the man's left leg.

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