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Police officer dies as a result of workplace injuries

Most people dread seeing the flashing lights of a police officer in their rearview mirrors. Despite this, many people in North Carolina recognize that most police officers enforce traffic laws to ensure everyone's safety and often put their own lives at risk while doing so. Unfortunately, a police officer in another state recently lost his life due to workplace injuries suffered while conducting what likely began as a routine traffic stop.

The incident happened on a day in August. According to reports, the officer pulled over a sports utility vehicle. Both the officer, who was riding a motorcycle, and the driver of the SUV were on the right shoulder of the roadway.

Worker in serious condition following construction accident

Most people cross the path of construction workers in North Carolina as they go about their daily lives. While they may recognize the importance of this occupation, some are unaware of the harm such workers face every day that they report to work. In fact, a recent construction accident in another state has left a man in serious condition.

The incident happened on a day in late July. According to reports, the construction worker was on the 49th floor of a building. While many details are unclear, he was reportedly struck in the head with a piece of equipment.

Do all employers have to carry workers' compensation insurance?

Most employees in North Carolina receive the benefit of workers' compensation coverage -- even most undocumented immigrants. However, it's important for all workers to understand that some categories of employers are exempt from the need to insure or qualify as self-insured when it comes to workers' compensation.

Here is a brief overview of workers' compensation coverage requirements in the state of North Carolina:

Man killed in workplace accident

It is often difficult to predict when an unexpected hazard will arise, especially in a North Carolina workplace. While certain safety precautions can be taken, all hazards in a workplace can not be removed at all times. Unfortunately, a man recently passed away in what appears to be a workplace accident.

The incident happened in another state. Reports indicate that the victim was a 40-year-old man who worked as a pool maintenance worker. Members of the fire department reportedly found the man floating upside down in the shallow end of an industrial pool.

Man killed in work accident at industrial plant

Workers in North Carolina and across the country can be injured as they complete their job responsibilities regardless of the type of job they have. Unfortunately, some occupations -- such as those related to construction -- can have additional risks in the workplace as employees work at great heights and with dangerous machinery and heavy materials. Unfortunately, reports from another state indicate that a man recently lost his life in a work accident.

The incident happened around 5 p.m. on a day in July. According to reports, the victim -- whose identity was not released in the immediate aftermath of the accident -- was working for a contractor for CJ Bio America. The worker was presumably working as part of an expansion project of the company.

Man suffers critical injuries in work accident

When many people in North Carolina think of dangerous occupations, the first thing that frequently comes to mind may be jobs like firefighters, police officers or military personnel. While those jobs certainly have risks, all jobs -- especially those that require the use of heavy machinery -- could result in a work accident. Unfortunately, a man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in a recent incident.

The accident happened on a day in mid-July. According to reports, it involved a man working at Vinyltech Corporation, a company that began making PVC pipe products in 1983; their products are used for municipal water systems. Unfortunately, reports indicate that the man became caught in a piece of hydraulic baling equipment. A baler is traditionally used to press certain waste products, such as cardboard, so that it can be pressed into a bale.

1 killed, 1 injured in separate workplace accidents at Disney

For many people in North Carolina and across the United States, a trip to Disney is a life-fulfilling event. Many people may not be fully cognizant of the thousands of workers who strive to make visits go smoothly, both in the parks and at their resorts. Unfortunately, two separate workplace accidents recently resulted in one man's death and another's injury.

Though the incidents are seemingly unrelated, they both occurred on the same day. The first happened at Disney's Pop Century Resort. Reports indicate that a 33-year-old man was killed when a utility truck jumped a curb, trapping the man underneath. He died as a result of injuries suffered in the accident.

Employers cannot retaliate against workers who file claims

Retaliation refers to negative consequences or punishments that an employer inflicts on an employee who files a claim or complaint against the employer. For example, an employee might suffer a work-related injury, file a workers' compensation claim, and then get fired as a result. This would be an example of unlawful retaliation and unlawful termination.

A worker should never hesitate to file a workers' compensation claim in fear of retaliation from their boss. When an employer retaliates against a worker in response to the employee's filing of a claim, it's a violation of the law.

2 men injured in fall at construction site

While there are risks associated with all occupations in North Carolina and across the country, jobs that require employees to work at great heights can create additional concerns. Unfortunately, a fall or a dropped item could result in injury. In fact, two men in another state were recently injured after they were involved in a construction accident.

The incident happened just before 9 a.m. on a day in early July. According to reports, a worker fell approximately 10 or 12 feet. While that worker only suffered minor injuries, reports indicate that he landed on a co-worker. The co-worker, a 47-year-old man, suffered injuries described as serious but not life-threatening.

Family frustrated over lack of information after work accident

When a family in North Carolina experiences an unexpected loss, their desire for answers is understandable. Surviving family members often need to understand how their loss occurred to be able to fully process it. Unfortunately, one family in another state claims that they have been unable to discover the exact details of their loved one's death two weeks after the work accident that took his life.

The incident happened on a day in June and resulted in the death of two men. According to family members of one of the victims, the pair was in a basket cutting pipe. Unfortunately, something "went wrong" causing the men to plummet approximately six floors, resulting in their deaths.

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