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May 02 2024

5 common causes of work-related amputations in…

Safety is paramount when working in the construction industry. Minor oversights, such as skipping protective gear or failing to inspect machinery before use, can lead…

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Mar 04 2024

Construction accident involving collapsed wall injures 2

It might not always be easy to understand every type of hazard that could exist on a construction project site. While performing job related tasks,…

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Dec 01 2023

Construction accident leaves 1 with internal injuries

There are a multitude of factors to consider when addressing the topic of safety on any construction project site, one of which could pertain to…

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Nov 01 2023

1 injured in construction accident involving scaffolding…

Scaffolding remains a constant fixture on many construction project tasks and such equipment can play a vital role in operations. However, if scaffolding is not…

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Sep 08 2023

Worker injured in North Carolina construction site

Falls at construction sites happen for various reasons, ranging from improperly installed scaffolding to defective ladders. These accidents often result in debilitating injuries or death.…

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Aug 22 2023

Construction accident involving bulldozer proves fatal

The field of construction can be somewhat more dangerous than the average profession and incidents that occur on project sites can have disastrous, if not…

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Jul 11 2023

Common causes of fall-related construction accidents

While there might be a multitude of scenarios in which an accident might occur on a construction site, some safety hazards may remain more prevalent…

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Mar 05 2023

1 injured in construction accident after lift…

Aerial lifts remain a constant fixture on many construction sites and these machines can play an integral role in helping workers in North Carolina and…

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Jan 27 2023

Construction safety risks during winter weather conditions

There may be a variety of steps to take when addressing the topic of job site safety and addressing potential risks may play an integral…

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Dec 23 2022

Construction accidents could lead to severe burn…

It might come as no surprise that certain types of professions may prove inherently more dangerous than others. Individuals in North Carolina who work in…

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