If you work in a warehouse, you’re at risk for these injuries

In North Carolina and throughout the country, many people earn a full-time income working in warehouse distribution centers. Perhaps someone in your household works for Amazon or another major distribution company. Even if you or your family member work in a smaller warehouse, there are certain common injuries that often occur in this line of work, which means you’re at risk.

One of the most common workplace injuries for warehouse workers is forklift accidents. Forklifts transport millions of boxes, some quite large or heavy, to and from various locations in a warehouse. If you’re operating a forklift or standing nearby when there’s a collision, you might suffer severe, perhaps even life-threatening, injuries.

Falling objects cause many injuries in the warehouse industry

Workers often stack boxes in warehouses high, either on shelves or just one on top of another from the ground up. Another common type of accident that has sent many workers to an emergency room with severe injuries is falling objects. If an object that has fallen from a great height hits you on the head or another part of your body, it could knock you unconscious or cause you to suffer other injuries, like lacerations, bruising or broken bones.

Slips, trips and falls are common injuries in warehouses

If debris is lying on the ground or a spill is not immediately cleaned up (with the surrounding area marked with hazard signs), you’re at risk for injuries. You might simply be trying to walk to the restroom or the break room or another area of the warehouse when you suddenly slip, trip or fall. Accidents like this often result in neck and back injuries, broken ankles and concussions.

Did your employer provide proper training and safety equipment?

When a company hires you to work in a North Carolina warehouse, that company has an obligation to provide whatever training you need to do your job. Your employer must also provide available safety equipment, such as a hard hat, to lower your risk of injuries.

Sometimes, warehouse injuries occur because of defective equipment. For example, a forklift collision might occur if the forklift has a design flaw, which creates a safety risk. In such cases, manufacturers are often liable for damages. If you’ve suffered injuries in a warehouse workplace accident caused by third-party negligence, you may seek restitution in court. Before doing so, it’s helpful to speak to someone who understands state laws that govern such matters. You can also file a workers’ compensation claim through your employer.

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