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Fatal workplace injury shuts down show production

As the average television viewer in North Carolina watches a production, he or she likely does not realize the effort that goes into the finished product. Unfortunately, the lives of actors and other workers can be at risk during the creation of a show. For example, an incident that resulted in a fatal workplace injury in another state recently shut down production of the popular "The Walking Dead" series.

According to reports, the incident happened one afternoon on a day in June and involved a 33-year-old stuntman. A report detailing the incident indicates that the victim was performing a stunt that required him to jump from a 22-foot balcony onto a pad below. Unfortunately, the man apparently became entangled somehow with the balcony with reports indicating that he did not get a "good separation."

Time limits for workers' compensation occupational illness claims

The last thing a sick worker has on his mind is money, but sooner or later reality comes knocking on your door. Maybe you've been laid out for a few weeks because you succumbed to occupational asthma -- after being exposed to bad air for years at Asheville construction sites. Perhaps you've been going to the doctor to get the treatments. However, you're too ill to work and haven't been getting paid any wages.

If your disease conditions stem from your employment and you can't work because of them, you can probably get workers' compensation wage replacement benefits in addition to money to pay for your medical treatments. However, you need to act now, before it's too late to file a claim.

North Carolina man killed in workplace accident

Hazards in the workplace come in a variety of different forms. Even workers who have spent a large portion of their lives in a particular industry can ultimately fall victim to a workplace accident. Unfortunately, multiple agencies are currently investigating a fatal accident involving a logger in North Carolina.

The incident reportedly occurred one morning on a day in early July. Reports indicate that a 51-year-old man was working on a hillside. He was taking down several trees when the incident happened. Unfortunately, one of the trees reportedly fell on him, taking his life.

Worker flown to hospital after construction accident

The construction industry in North Carolina and most other areas of the country has many potential hazards. While employers, workers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration all work hard to ensure the safety of everyone, a construction accident can still occur, often with serious consequences. For example, a worker at a construction site was recently transported to the hospital by helicopter after he became trapped.

According to reports, the incident happened one morning on a day in late June. The man was reportedly working at a site of new home construction taking place in a new development. While he was working, a large concrete foundation slab reportedly fell, causing the man to become trapped underneath.

Assault leads to workplace injury for police officer

Car accidents can happen at any moment. While some accidents in North Carolina may be the result of a driver's negligence, they are typically unintentional. Unfortunately, a police officer in a different part of the country recently suffered a workplace injury when witnesses claim he was intentionally struck by a car.

The incident happened one morning on a day in June. According to reports, a police officer on a motorcycle pulled over a vehicle just before the incident happened. Witnesses at the scene claim that a vehicle accelerated before striking the officer, pinning him to another vehicle. The vehicle -- which apparently contained a driver and passenger -- is said to have fled the scene.

Fatal work accident remains under investigation

All occupations in North Carolina and across the country hold some degree of risk of injury. Even jobs that require a worker to spend a great deal of time at a desk could lead to a repetitive motion injury that develops over time. Additionally, those who work with heavy machinery could face serious harm if involved in a work accident. Unfortunately, one out-of-state incident resulted in the loss of a man's life.

The incident happened one day in June. According to reports, the 57-year-old man was mowing around a water booster station. The tractor mower he was using reportedly flipped over, landing on top of him.

Car accident results in on-the-job injury for trooper

Police officers in North Carolina and across the country undoubtedly face several serious occupational hazards. While they must put themselves in between criminals and citizens, many also spend a great deal of time traveling this country's roadways. Unfortunately, a recent car accident involving a state trooper in another state has left the man suffering from an on-the-job injury.

The incident involved a state trooper who was driving a marked police car. According to reports, he was driving one afternoon on a day in early June. The crash allegedly happened near an interstate.

Get hurt at work? Here are the benefits of workers' compensation

It doesn't matter how your injury happened as long as it happened while you were on the job. Maybe you slipped on spilled coffee while you were in the office break room. Maybe you got hit by a piece of falling debris while you were painting a wall. Maybe you violated safety protocol by not wearing your harness and you fell off a scaffolding.

However it happened, and no matter whose "fault" your job-related accident was, you can likely qualify to receive workers' compensation to pay for your injuries and medical care.

Multiple agencies investigate fatal work accident

Anyone in North Carolina who has ridden in a helicopter likely recognizes the need for pilots to be highly skilled. Unfortunately, even experienced professionals may be unable to overcome hazardous situations that occur while in the air. For example, officials say that a helicopter pilot recently killed in an out-of-state work accident was a knowledgeable, well-trained pilot.

The accident that resulted in the 37-year-old pilot's death occurred just before noon on a day in May. According to reports, the pilot was performing approach-training exercises using instruments when workers near the accident site claim they heard a loud screeching noise that seemed to grow louder. One worker says when he looked out of a window, he saw the helicopter crash and explode.

Investigation into fiery truck accident continues

Every job in North Carolina and across the country holds some degree of risk of injury. Some injuries could take years to develop from repeated motions while others can occur instantaneously as a result of a motor vehicle accident. Unfortunately, a truck driver in another state recently lost his life in a truck accident that resulted in a fiery explosion; the accident remains under investigation.

The incident reportedly occurred one morning on a day in May. According to police, a truck was attempting to exit a highway when it overturned. Police say that reports given by witnesses indicate that a blaze started almost immediately after the accident occurred.

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