Worker injured in North Carolina construction site

Falls at construction sites happen for various reasons, ranging from improperly installed scaffolding to defective ladders. These accidents often result in debilitating injuries or death. Reportedly, a construction field worker suffered serious injuries recently after falling at a construction site in North Carolina.

Accident details

The construction site accident occurred on a Wednesday in early September. It took place at about 9 a.m. Dozens of first responders were called to the accident scene.

Firefighters managed to bring the worker to safety using a crane. Officials transported the injured construction worker by ambulance to a local medical center for treatment. The reason for the fall was not reported.

How a workers’ compensation attorney may help

A fall at a construction site is often devastating, and navigating the financial and physical consequences of the fall can also be arduous. Construction workers injured on the job in North Carolina would be wise to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney to learn about their rights following a work-related accident. The attorney can help pursue workers’ compensation benefits through the claims process.

Workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina typically help injured workers cover their accident-related hospital bills and rehab expenses. This compensation will also address any loss of income due to their injuries. The attorney will push for the full amount of benefits that a client is entitled to, based on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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