Construction accident involving bulldozer proves fatal

The field of construction can be somewhat more dangerous than the average profession and incidents that occur on project sites can have disastrous, if not fatal results at times. Struck-by incidents remain a prevalent concern in this field and any type of incident involving a heavy-duty machine could pose a significant threat to a worker’s health and life. A worker was killed after being hit by a bulldozer during a recent construction accident in North Carolina.

Fatal struck-by accident

According to reports, the accident took place on a recent Thursday morning as construction crews were operating on a project to widen a local interstate. Officials indicate that one worker was performing surveying tasks when he was suddenly hit and run over by a bulldozer. Officials say that the driver of the bulldozer failed to spot the man before attempting to back the vehicle up.

Reports indicate that the worker was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. Officials have stated that project tasks have been suspended while an investigation into the fatal accident remains ongoing. Struck-by incidents involving heavy-duty vehicles continue to affect the lives of many workers and such accidents could also run the unfortunate risk of leaving surviving family members mourning over an unexpected loss.

Workers’ compensation death benefits

Experiencing the loss of a loved one in a fatal construction accident can be devastating. While there may be nothing one can do to change what occurred, families who suffer such a loss might benefit from knowing that there may be options to help provide relief for the financial challenges such a situation could bring. Following the accident, a person in North Carolina might find it helpful to speak with an attorney for insight on what to expect when pursuing workers’ compensation death benefits and assistance in preparing for every step of this process.

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