Common causes of fall-related construction accidents

While there might be a multitude of scenarios in which an accident might occur on a construction site, some safety hazards may remain more prevalent than others. For instance, studies indicate that fall-related incidents continue to be a leading cause of injury and death in this industry. Knowing some of the most common causes of similar construction accidents could help workers in North Carolina take steps to mitigate the risks involved, but sometimes there might be little one can do to avoid a dangerous situation.

Common causes

When it comes to fall-related incidents, experts indicate that the lack of fall prevention measures continues to be a prevalent concern. Faulty safety gear and lack of guardrails are just two examples of safety hazards that may only increase the risks of a hazardous fall. Many construction projects may task workers with operating on building roofs and issues such as unfinished roof parts and unguarded roof edges may also lead to a greater risk of a fall-related incident.

Equipment such as ladders may play an integral role in performing tasks at heights, but if these objects are poorly maintained or prove faulty, the results could prove dire. When using lifts, workers may also find it vital to ensure the base of the lift is on stable ground, as lack of stability could cause the basket to tilt and toss a worker off the machine. In some cases, fall-related incidents can even occur on ground level and anything that acts as a slip, trip and fall hazard could pose a significant threat to a worker’s health.

After a fall-related incident

Fall-related construction accidents can have disastrous results that could leave a worker facing a lengthy recovery period. Those who suffer severe injuries and face dire financial challenges following such an incident may wish to take every possible measure to safeguard their future interests, but they might not know how best to achieve such goals. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the situation a person in North Carolina is facing, provide insight on all his or her available options, and assist in preparing to navigate every step of the workers’ compensation insurance claims process.

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