Construction accident involving forklift kills 1

Construction workers may use various types of machines while transporting materials across job sites. If a load is not properly secured prior to transportation, there may be a greater risk that objects may fall off a machine and hit workers in North Carolina, and incidents involving falling objects can prove devastating in nature. A man in another state was killed after he was hit and crushed by a bundle of lumber that fell off a forklift during a recent construction accident.

Falling objects

Authorities say that they responded to reports of an incident at the site of a construction project on a recent Wednesday morning. A construction worker was reportedly working to clear a path for a forklift carrying a load of lumber. For reasons unknown, the driver of the machine suddenly slammed on the brakes, causing the lumber to roll off the machine and hit the other worker.

Reports indicate that the man was crushed underneath the lumber in the process and officials have advised that he passed away at the scene of the incident. No further information was provided as to why the forklift driver stopped the machine or whether any steps were taken to secure the load before transportation. Incidents involving falling objects continue to be a common concern in the construction industry and accidents of this nature can carry severe or even fatal ramifications.

Surviving loved ones

Losing a loved one in a construction accident can be a challenging thing to accept and the outcome of the incident could leave a family facing various challenges. While the grieving process may ease with time, the financial hardships involved could leave surviving loved ones in search of advice on their available options for aid. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can help a person in North Carolina understand his or her available options and assist in preparing to seek the compensation achievable through all available sources.

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