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Are you suffering from a brain injury after a work accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Some of the most common injuries suffered by victims of work accidents are head injuries. These types of injuries can range in type and severity, and the extent of the damage may not always be readily apparent. It may take days or weeks to realize that the blow to your head was more than a just a bump. Lingering symptoms or worsening pain could indicate a serious traumatic brain injury, and this has the potential to be a long-term or even a permanent issue in your life.

Victims of different types of TBIs may need varying levels of care and support. Your injury could be relatively minor, and you may only require a few weeks to achieve a full recovery. However, more severe injuries could result in severe damage that may affect your cognition, physical function, memory and other areas of your life. Every type of TBI is serious, and you would be wise to seek immediate medical care should you hit your head in the course of a work-related task.

Common types of TBIs

There are different types of TBIs, and they can all have a multitude of effects depending on the location of the injury, severity of the impact and other factors. Some of the most common types of traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Contusion – This is a bruise on a certain part of the brain caused by an impact to the head. It can be in the same spot of the impact or on the opposite side of the brain.
  • Diffuse axonal injury – This is an injury that happens on the cellular level as the brain shifts rapidly during an impact. It causes damage to the nerves.
  • Hematoma – This is a blood clot that forms when a vessel in the brain ruptures. A hematoma forms when the blood starts to clot, and clots can form in different parts of the brain.
  • Concussion – This injury happens when the brain moves quickly in the skull during an impact. These are typically minor, but they can result in symptoms that last months or even permanently.

It is critical not to underestimate the impact that a TBI can have on your life. If you are suffering from this type of injury because of a work accident, you have the option to pursue financial recovery through a worker’s compensation claim. An assessment of your case can help you understand the legal options available to you and how to seek the support you need to get better and move forward.