What are some common causes of construction accidents?

Safety is a goal that is shared by many individuals who operate in the construction industry and efforts to improve safety in this field are constantly evolving. However, construction accidents continue to take place and such incidents have affected the lives of many workers. While knowing somecommon causesof construction accidents could help workers in North Carolina better prepare to stay safe while on the job, preventing all incidents could prove a nearly impossible feat.

Safety risks

While there may be various scenarios in which construction accidents can occur, some causes typically prove more common than others. For instance, fall-related accidents continue to be one of the most common types of construction incidents, whether involving falls from heights or slip-and-fall incidents. Electrocution hazards are another common safety risk for construction workers and electrocution and shock injuries can take a dire toll on one’s well-being.

Studies indicate that falling objects also play a role in many construction accidents. Such incidents could involve objects falling from above and landing on a worker or wall collapses that could trap and injure a person. Construction projects may also require employees to work with or near heavy-duty equipment or machines and incidents in which a person is caught up in a machine or between a vehicle and another object can have catastrophic results.

Seeking compensation

Regardless of how they occur,construction accidentsmay leave workers with serious injuries and facing a variety of challenges in life. Along with the physical toll involved, loss of wages during recovery and high medical expenses can lead to significant financial strain. Individuals who encounter similar issues and wish to know more about all their available options for compensation could choose to consult with an attorney in North Carolina for insight on the next steps to take to safeguard their interests.

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