Fall-related incident claims life of construction worker

Falls from heights continue to be one of the most pressing concerns for workers in a variety of fields. Even a fall from a lesser distance could leave a person in North Carolina with severe or even permanent injuries, and such incidents also run the unfortunate risk of carrying fatal repercussions. Reports indicate that a 47-year-old man was killed during a recent construction accident in another state after he fell down a chimney.

Fatal fall

The incident reportedly took place on a recent Saturday as the man was performing repairs on the roof of a local school. While no further details were provided as to how the incident might have occurred, reports indicate that the man suddenly fell down the shaft of a chimney and landed on the ground nearly 35 feet below. Although emergency responders were able to rescue him and transport him to a medical facility soon thereafter, reports indicate that he passed away shortly after arriving at the facility.

Although an investigation into the incident is ongoing, it remains unclear as to what might have caused the man to fall into the chimney shaft. Fatal incidents of this nature could leave an entire community shaken up and surviving family members grieving over an unexpected loss. While the emotional side of such an incident could prove stressful enough as is, the potential financial ramifications of losing a primary wage earner could also pose a significant threat to a family’s future.

Knowing one’s options

Families who suffer an untimely loss during a construction accident and wish to know more about their available options for compensation could benefit from consulting with an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can address the circumstances a client is facing and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation achievable through all applicable outlets. Although there may be nothing one can do to change what happened, such measures could help provide a family with much-needed financial aid during a difficult transition in life.

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