Emotional, financial stress common after work injuries

While going into work may not be the highlight of many North Carolina workers’ days, it is something that you and many others appreciate being able to do. You earn your income so that you can provide for yourself and your family, and you have worked hard to ensure that you remain a reliable and valued employee.

Unfortunately, you recently suffered an injury on the job, and you have to take at least some time off of work while you recover from your injuries. You may want to do your part to help your spouse handle the household responsibilities, but your injuries may prevent you from doing that. As a result, both you and your spouse may be feeling the stress and other emotional difficulties that can come along with being in this type of predicament.

Common stressors after a work injury

Sadly, many injured workers feel a great deal of stress after suffering a workplace injury, and that stress can stem from many factors. You may feel depressed because you are unable to help your spouse around the house or even feel guilty that your spouse has to take care of the kids and you because of your injury. You may experience worries because, at this point in your recovery, it is unclear whether you will have the ability to return to work at all.

On top of your emotional and physical difficulties relating to your injury, you will likely also have financial concerns. Some common issues include:

  • Lost wages from having to take time off of work to recover
  • Reduced income if your injury prevents you from going back to work in a position with the same pay
  • Total loss of income if your injury has a permanent disabling effect
  • Mounting debt due to medical bills relating to your injury care or household expenses that have accumulated due to your lack of or reduced income

Mental stress can be as debilitating as physical injuries in many cases. Undoubtedly, if you are feeling this way, you want to understand your options for lessening these burdens as much as possible.

Workers’ compensation

If your injury occurred on the job, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. This type of monetary benefit could provide you with at least a portion of your typical income while you are unable to work. It can help you cover your medical bills associated with the work-related injury and much more depending on your circumstances. Gaining information on workers’ comp, including how to apply and where to seek assistance in your pursuit of benefits, may be helpful to you.

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