1 killed, 3 injured after car drifts into construction zone

Upon approaching work zones, drivers in North Carolina and elsewhere have a duty to adjust driving behaviors accordingly, especially when workers are nearby. Even with safety signs and cones in place, the safety of workers may be at risk should a nearby driver veer off course. A recent construction accident in another state that took place after a vehicle veered into a construction zone and hit several workers has claimed the life of one person and left three others with injuries.

Construction accident

Reports indicate that the incident occurred on a recent Thursday afternoon while construction workers were performing job-related tasks in a construction zone. For unknown reasons, the driver of a nearby vehicle suddenly veered into the zone and hit four of the workers. Emergency responders have advised that one of the workers suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene soon thereafter.

Authorities say that another worker was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment of critical injuries. While the two remaining workers were also taken to a medical facility, no further information was provided as to the nature of their injuries. When similar hazards arise, workers who perform job-related objectives near traffic may find it nearly impossible to react and escape the path of danger.

After the accident

Individuals who suffer serious harm or loss in a construction accident involving similar circumstances may encounter various challenges in life. Following the incident, a person in North Carolina may be left with questions about his or her available options for financial aid. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can examine every aspect of the incident and assist a client in preparing to seek the full amount of compensation achievable through every applicable source.

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