Steps to take when filing a workers’ compensation claim

Workplace accidents can happen at virtually any moment and under a multitude of circumstances, regardless of the field in which one operates. Individuals in North Carolina who suffer injuries at work and experience the financial challenges that can accompany such an experience may be eligible to seek aid through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Knowing the steps involved to file for workers’ compensation could prove vital to preparing for the process.

While the concept of filing for workers’ compensation benefits can be somewhat intimidating, being prepared for the process could help cut down on the level of stress involved. Some possible steps to take after suffering an injury at work could include:

  • Medical care: When an accident occurs, seeking prompt medical care for injuries suffered is vital, as any delays could both pose a threat to one’s well-being and disrupt one’s ability to seek compensation.
  • Document treatment: Keeping detailed records of medical care could also be a vital step toward preparing to seek compensation through the available outlets.
  • Document the incident: It may also be advisable to consider documenting the scene of the accident and the events leading up to it.
  • Notifying employers: It may also be necessary to provide written documentation of the incident and injuries to one’s employer as soon as possible.

Once an official report of the incident is filed, one may also need to request and fill out the necessary paperwork to initiate the workers’ compensation filing process.

While parts of the workers’ compensation process might seem fairly straightforward at first glance, there are scenarios in which a claim for compensation could result in denial. As such, those facing a similar situation could find it helpful to retain the services of an experienced attorney for guidance through every stage of the filing process. An attorney can work with a client in North Carolina on pursuing the compensation available, whether through the initial filing process or by appealing a denied claim.

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