1 injured in construction accident involving scaffolding collapse

When working at heights with the use of equipment such as scaffolding, wearing the proper gear such as safety harnesses and ropes can be integral to protecting against various types of safety risks. However, should the apparatus collapse, harnesses and ropes may prevent a person in North Carolina from falling to the ground below, but it might not always keep injuries at bay. One person reportedly suffered injuries during a recent construction accident in another state after he was left dangling on a rope after a scaffolding collapse.

Scaffolding collapse

Reports indicate thatthe accidentoccurred as two workers were performing job tasks at heights using scaffolding. For reasons still under investigation, the scaffolding collapsed, leaving both workers hanging on ropes between the 12thand 13thfloors of the outside of the building. Emergency responders say they were able to reach both workers from inside the building and rescue them.

While one of the workers was released from the scene, the other person was reportedly rushed to a medical facility with unspecified injuries. Officials have advised that an investigation into the incident is underway but state that is remains unclear as to what caused the scaffolding to collapse. Accidents of this nature could pose a significant threat to the safety of workers and affect their ability to return to work for extended periods.

Construction accidents

Construction accidentsinvolving scaffolding collapses continue to be a leading cause of injuries and death in this industry. The fallout of such incidents can take a dire toll on one’s life and may leave a person in search of advice on his or her available options for compensation during recovery. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the incident thoroughly and help a person in North Carolina prepare to seek the full amount of compensation achievable through all available sources.

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