Reasons an employer might dispute a claim for workers’ comp

A work-related incident could take place at any moment, and facing the fallout of such an accident can be a harrowing process. Not only could the accident pose a threat to your health and safety, but the financial challenges that arise during your recovery may also place a significant strain on your life.

While you may feel that pursuing aid via the workers’ compensation insurance system could be vital to protecting your future, this can be a complex process. There may also be certain scenarios in which your employer might dispute your claim, and preparing for this possibility could be imperative to safeguarding your future.

Claim disputes

Preparing to file a claim for workers’ compensation can be intimidating under any situation, and the presence of disputes may only add stress to your situation. There are various reasons why an employer might dispute this claim, such as:

  • The incident: A claim dispute could arise if your employer believes that the incident was not work-related or argues that it occurred due to reckless behaviors such as horseplay.
  • Workplace rules: In some cases, employers may also dispute a claim for benefits by claiming that the incident occurred due to a violation of workplace policies or safety regulations.
  • Lack of treatment: Disputes may also arise if there is lack of evidence of your injuries and medical treatments. Keeping thorough records of injuries and medical care may be integral to protecting against such issues.
  • Improper provider: Your employer may dispute your claim if you seek care from a provider that is not listed on company workers’ comp policies and taking steps to stave off such issues may be vital.

This may only be a few examples of reasons why employers in North Carolina might dispute a claim for workers’ comp benefits and knowing how this might occur may be vital to mitigating a variety of risks.

Protecting your future interests

Seeking benefits via the workers’ compensation insurance system can be a complex endeavor, and there may be various scenarios in which you might face conflict during this process. However, there may be certain steps you can take to help reduce the risks of disputes, and seeking advice on how to achieve such goals may be integral to preparing for what comes next. In doing so, you may also obtain much needed advice on every step to take to protect your interests and pursue the full amount of benefits achievable.

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