Workplace accident involving machine entanglement proves fatal

There are a multitude of professions in which employees may be tasked with working with and around heavy-duty machines. Should an object get stuck within a machine, workers in North Carolina might feel it necessary to approach the area and remove the item, but this might not always be the safest choice. A 42-year-old man died after becoming entangled with a machine during a recent workplace accident in another state.

The incident

The fatal incident reportedly took place at around 4 a.m. on a recent Thursday at the site of a packaging plant. Officials have advised that several workers were using a machine to perform job-related tasks when one of them noticed that an object had become stuck within the machine. While trying to remove the item, the man reportedly became entangled with the machine, and officials indicate that the other workers noticed the incident and activated the emergency stop button.

Emergency responders were reportedly able to free the man from the machine upon arriving at the scene. However, he was pronounced dead after attempts to revive him did not prove successful. An incident of this nature can occur in the blink of an eye and the outcome of that moment could leave surviving loved ones facing hardships that may have a lingering impact on their lives.

Fatal workplace accidents

A fatal workplace accident can leave surviving family members facing a variety of challenges in life. While the grieving process may ease with time, the financial toll involved could place a significant burden on one’s life and those who experience such a loss might have questions about their available options for financial aid. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can examine the situation a person is facing and assist him or her in preparing to seek the full amount of compensation possible through every available source.

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