Overexertion remains a common cause of workplace injuries

While there could be a multitude of scenarios in which a work-related incident might occur, some types of safety hazards may be more prevalent than others. Overexertion remains one of the most common causes of workplace accidents and similar issues continue to affect the lives of many workers in North Carolina. While studies indicate that there may be certain steps one can take to help reduce the risks of overexertion injuries, it might not always be possible to prevent all related incidents.

Studies indicate that employees who are overworked or encounter high levels of stress at work could be at significant risk of suffering from overexertion and some ways to help reduce the risks thereof might include:

  • Proper techniques: Studies indicate that using proper techniques for bending over to pick up items and for lifting and carrying heavy objects could prove integral to stave off overexertion injuries.
  • Stretch breaks: Taking frequent stretch breaks may help mitigate overexertion risks with any activity that requires a person to perform repetitive tasks or carry out intense physical activity.
  • Safety training: Proving employees with sufficient safety training on the risks of overexertion and ways to protect against similar concerns may also be essential to promoting job site safety.
  • Long hours: The risks of overexertion may also intensify the longer a work shift endures and taking frequent breaks during long shifts might be integral to protecting one’s well-being.

Studies also indicate that there may be various scenarios in which outdated operational processes may also lead to a greater risk of overexertion and addressing such concerns may be vital to promoting safety.

Workplace accidents can take a significant toll on a person’s life and overexertion injuries could leave one facing dire financial challenges during a long road to recovery. While individuals who encounter similar concerns may be eligible for aid via the workers’ compensation insurance system, this process can be difficult to navigate, especially alone. Fortunately, there are attorneys in North Carolina who can help a person understand his or her available options and assist in preparing to pursue the full amount of compensation obtainable through all available outlets.

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