Fall-related workplace accidents remain an issue

While each field of profession may carry its own set of potential safety concerns, certain types of incidents remain a major issue in virtually every setting. Studies suggest that fall-related accidents continue to affect many workers each year, and such incidents could leave a person suffering from severe or even permanent injuries. Finding ways to reduce the presence of slip, trip and fall risks within a work environment could be vital to stemming the tide of similar workplace accidents.

One of the first steps to reducing fall-related accidents at work could include identifying the most common causes of such incidents. As slippery surfaces may play a contributing factor to many of these incidents, implementing procedures to address spills that could create a safety hazard and to mark off areas in which similar dangers reside could prove imperative. Studies also indicate that keeping floors clear of clutter or trip hazards, such as extension cords and boxes, could also help reduce the chances of fall-related injuries.

Workers may also find it more difficult to avoid a fall-related injury while walking through an area with inadequate lighting. As such, taking steps to resolve lighting issues could be essential to staving off unnecessary and potentially harmful accidents. Another step toward reducing the possibility of slips, trips and falls could pertain to wearing shoes with non-slip soles, as the added traction could make all the difference.

Unfortunately, fall-related workplace accidents continue to occur, and many individuals suffer serious injuries under similar circumstances every year. Individuals who suffer harm in such an incident and wish to seek financial aid during the recovery period could benefit from speaking with an attorney for advice on their options. An attorney can provide a client with assistance in pursuing aid through the workers’ compensation insurance system, as well as any other source that might be applicable.

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