3 surprising services you may need after a head injury

If you suffer a traumatic brain injury or another type of head injury at work, your primary concern may be supporting yourself and your family members. After all, a head injury may make it virtually impossible for you to perform your job duties.

Fortunately, you may be eligible forworkers’ compensation benefitsto help you through your recovery process. Recovering from a head injury, though, can take weeks, months or longer. Even then, you may never return to your pre-injury condition. Here are three services you may not realize you may need after suffering a work-related head injury.

1. In-home care

Ahead injurymay interfere with your ability to complete everyday tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and bathing. You may also experience lapses in memory and concentration.

If you have a severe head injury, you may need round-the-clock care from an in-home nurse. For less serious injuries, intermittent visits may provide adequate support.

2. Home modifications

Even though a head injury may leave you with certain impairments, you may not need outside assistance. That is, you may be able to hire a contractor to modify your home to better meet your needs.

Ramps, bathroom grab bars and non-slip shower floors may safeguard against falls, for example. Electronic improvements and voice-activated switches may also be useful.

3. Mental health therapy

After sustaining a head injury, you may experience depression, anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder. Because these mental health concerns are common with brain injuries, therapists receive extensive training on combatting them.

If you have mental health struggles or emotional concerns following your head injury, pursuing ongoing counseling may be vital. At a minimum, you should consider scheduling a mental health evaluation.

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