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Precautions that promote safety in the construction sites

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Construction Workers' Accidents

Construction sites are considered one of the most dangerous working environments. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Association, among 4,779 fatalities reported in 2018, 1,008 came from the construction industry most of them causing construction site deaths. 

While sometimes injuries are unavoidable, there are still safety precautions that (OSHA) recommends to enhance safety in construction areas. Below are a few safety precautions and the type of injuries they can prevent. 

Head protection 

Several construction hazards cause head injuries among construction workers. Falling objects, exposed wires, low-hanging risks, and tripping risks can cause severe head injuries. Injuries on the head can result in impaired motor function, seizures, and memory loss. Head protection, such as wearing helmets, can help avoid or at least minimize injuries. 

Safe chemical storage 

If construction workers use chemicals, they should store them properly to avoid any injuries that can occur from them. Proper storage minimizes accidents from explosions, pollution, fires, and asphyxiation. They should also practice proper handling to avoid chemical burns. 

Forklift safety 

Forklift operations are also a major safety hazard among construction workers. These machines work well in construction operations but come with a price of safety dangers. Workers should ensure they follow forklift regulations and ensure they are properly maintaining. 

Fall protection 

Construction workers work at heights, and falls are possible safety hazards that are avoidable. The workers must ensure scaffolding inspection and stability to maximize security in the construction sites. They should ensure rigid guardrails to prevent falls and wear hard hats to protect them from serious injuries in case of accidental falls. 

As per the South Carolina Code of Laws, employees should comply with safety standards and regulations at the workplace that aim at protecting them from injuries and health hazards.