What does workers’ comp cover?

North Carolina’s no-fault workers’ compensation system is designed to provide a variety of financial benefits for you if you suffer an injury at work. If you meet the other conditions, you could be entitled to these benefits regardless of any mistake you made which led to the injury.

However, workers’ comp does not cover everything. Please continue reading for a brief overview of benefits you may be able to claim in this state.

As explained on FindLaw, most employers in North Carolina are required to carry workers’ compensation policies. Generally speaking, the most commonly claimed benefits are for medical care, vocational training and wage replacement.

There are various services that could qualify for medical care benefits. Vocational training could be necessary if you were no longer able to perform the duties of your old job after an injury. Finally, wage replacement provides two thirds of your average weekly pay while you recover, up to a maximum rate.

If your employers carry insurance, then their provider should pay you if you had a qualifying disability. This could include disabilities stemming from on-the-job issues such as:

  • Mental stresses
  • Long-term physical stress or exposure
  • Accidental injuries

You may also qualify for chiropractic care. This is often one of the first steps in treating and diagnosing spine injuries — common results of workplace injuries. North Carolina law contains a provision for 20 chiropractic visits, after which your caregiver would have to solicit approval from the workers’ compensation provider for your employer.

It is important to note that you may have to follow certain rules in order to remain eligible for coverage under workers’ compensation law. Most of these are relatively straightforward, such as giving employers notification of your injuries. Nevertheless, some attention to remaining in compliance typically simplifies the process and makes it easier to get the help you need with your various injury-related expenses.

Please do not use this as advice for any material situation. It is only background information.

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