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Starting a new job and the chances of an injury

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

Although anyone can be involved in a workplace accident regardless of how many years they have been working in a certain field, some people are especially vulnerable when it comes to job-related injuries, such as those who have recently started a new job. Even if someone has years of experience working in the same field, starting a new position may bring hazards that they have difficulty recognizing, stress and other concerns.

Those who start a new job without any prior experience in their line of work may be especially likely to sustain an injury in a job-related incident. For example, they may have a harder time avoiding certain risks while they are working. In construction, this may mean that someone who has to work on top of a roof has more difficulty avoiding hazards that could cause them to fall off of the roof (such as an opening in the roof that has been covered by snow). Or, someone who works at a restaurant may fail to notice hazards that could cause them to sustain a laceration or serious burn.

Starting a new job can be very stressful, whether a worker has to adjust to a new schedule (which can also affect their sleep) or they simply do not have enough experience to know what to look out for. Accidents involving new workers occur too frequently, and those who are injured may struggle in many different ways. Whether someone has been working for a company for many years or they were recently hired, those who are injured at work should look into all of their options, including the potential benefits of filing a workers’ compensation claim.