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What can you gain from participating in vocational therapy?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2019 | Workers' Compensation

Being the victim of a workplace accident in North Carolina has probably impacted your life significantly. Aside from the time you have had to take off of work to recover from your injuries, your previous confidence in your career-related skills may be waning because of the challenges you are facing. Rebuilding your desire, confidence and excitement to get back to your job responsibilities may require professional intervention in the form of ongoing therapy.

One method of therapy that your employer may recommend via their workers’ compensation coverage is called vocational therapy. Used in conjunction with physical therapy and related medical treatments, you may have the best chance at overcoming your injuries and returning to work as quickly as possible. The workers’ compensation coverage your employer provides may enable you to utilize therapy treatments even beyond your return to work. Once medical professionals or your employer has determined that your recovery is adequate for you to resume the full scope of your responsibilities at work, your therapy coverage may be suspended.

According to Pathways RTC, vocational therapy can incorporate several resources including the following:

  • Suggestions for modifications that should be made to your work area, tools and equipment to enable you to begin working again despite your limitations.
  • Services designed to help you learn about alternative careers if your injury will disable you from ever returning to your previous line of employment.
  • Alternative solutions for getting to and from work if your injury prevents you from driving.

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