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Beef plant facing heavy fines after workplace accident

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2024 | Workplace Accidents

Although most jobs come with certain risks, getting hurt on the job is often the last thing a worker expects to happen. However, suffering a debilitating injury at work can be absolutely devastating. If a person can no longer work and earn an income, paying basic living expenses can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, employees in North Carolina who are injured in a workplace accident have certain options available that could help sustain them until they are able to return to work. 

Worker suffers debilitating injury 

Recently in another state, an investigation was launched after a worker at a beef plant suffered a permanent injury in an unfortunate workplace accident. Apparently, the worker was helping a forklift operator move materials. According to reports, the worker caught their fingertip in a forklift attachment and badly injured their hand. Reportedly, the worker eventually had to have their hand amputated three weeks later.  

After the incident, an investigation was launched at the plant by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Reports said the OSHA investigation found the plant exposed workers to live electrical parts and lacked safety procedures for material handling. The investigation also reported that the plant failed to develop and deploy lockout procedures for hydraulic dock plates. After completing the investigation, OSHA proposed fining the beef plant nearly $275,000 for numerous safety violations. 

Help after a workplace accident 

Although no worker expects to be injured while performing their job duties, accidents are going to happen. Those in North Carolina who suffer serious injuries in workplace accidents have the right to speak with a legal professional about their options. An experienced attorney can examine the situation and provide much-needed guidance to help the client obtain rightful compensation.