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The importance of seeing a doctor after a head injury

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If you experience blunt force trauma to your upper body, you might suffer injuries that affect numerous parts of your body. Such trauma might occur, for instance, if you are involved in a North Carolina motor vehicle collision or a sports accident or were a victim of violent crime. Seeking medical attention should always be a priority after a head injury.  

If you hit your head against a hard surface or a vehicle hits you from behind and forcefully shakes or thrusts you forward and then back, a traumatic brain injury may result. In such cases, however, you might not experience symptoms right away. It is still important to seek medical attention, even if you cannot see visible signs of injury or are feeling okay.  

Closely monitor your condition for several weeks 

Not only is it important to seek medical attention in the immediate aftermath of a head injury, it is equally important for you to carefully monitor your condition in the days and weeks that follow. If a particular symptom does not resolve or new symptoms arise, it is always best to return to a medical facility for further examination.  

Symptoms that suggest traumatic brain injury has occurred 

The following list includes numerous symptoms that you might experience moments after a head injury or days or weeks later: 

  • Convulsions 
  • Vomiting or nausea 
  • Unsteady gait when walking 
  • Unequal size between pupils  
  • Muscle weakness 
  • Confusion or difficulty focusing on a task 

A doctor knows what types of tests to run to rule out traumatic brain injury or to diagnose one. Whether it is moments after a head injury occurs or days later, the only way to obtain a proper diagnosis is to seek medical attention and to let the doctor know that you were in an accident that caused you to hit your head or be violently shaken.  

When another person’s negligence causes your head injury 

If you are involved in a North Carolina motor vehicle collision or other incident that results in a head injury, it is better to seek medical attention right away than to wait. However, it is also wise to schedule additional medical appointments if your condition is not improving or if new symptoms arise.  

You should not have to be solely responsible for expenses associated with a head injury, if another person’s negligence was a causal factor. A recovering victim of a car accident, for instance, is able to seek restitution in court, if another driver disregarded traffic laws or acted recklessly, resulting in a collision that caused injuries.