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Head-on collision kills 2, injures 1

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

Most drivers might not expect to encounter a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane of traffic and as such, may struggle to prepare to handle similar hazards. Even if a person spots a wrong way driver from a distance, it could still be difficult to react in time to steer clear of danger. A recent head-on car accident in North Carolina involving a wrong way driver has reportedly claimed the lives of two individuals and left another person with severe injuries.

Wrong way driver

Reports indicate that authorities responded to the scene of a head-on crash on a recent Friday. The incident reportedly began when, for reasons that remain unclear, the driver of an eastbound vehicle shifted into and began traveling in opposite lane of traffic. Authorities say that soon after drifting into westbound lanes, the vehicle proceeded to collide head-on with an oncoming car.

According to reports, the drivers of both vehicles suffered fatal injuries and died at the scene of the crash. A passenger in the car suffered severe injuries in the crash and was rushed to a hospital for medical care. Although an investigation into the collision is underway, no further information was provided as to what might have caused the driver of the first vehicle to enter oncoming lanes.

Negligent driver

When the negligent behavior of a driver causes a major car accident to occur, those who suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one in the process could face a multitude of hardships in life. Following the crash, the victim or surviving loved ones of the deceased could consider obtaining legal counsel for guidance on the next steps to take to seek restitution. An attorney in North Carolina can help a client better understanding all his or her available options and assist in creating a strategy with which to seek the full amount of compensation deserved through the appropriate outlets.