Can sun glare cause an accident?

As daylight savings time rolls around each year, sun glare can once again cause annoyance for anyone driving long distances. Dealing with light obscuring your vision in a car is an issue that often gets overlooked.

As many as hundreds of people a year claim that sun glare was the cause of their car accident, FindLaw states. Light coming into a car at odd angles leads to confusion over road signs or lane lines, as well as the inability to see oncoming traffic. Although it is an uncommon excuse, this may be due to the fact that it does not count as an Act of God under the law, and therefore cannot be a defense in court. Naturally, it is best to learn how to protect yourself from getting distracted while driving into direct sunlight.

According to the American Automobile Association, there are plenty of ways to combat this annoyance. One of the best ones is to follow a longer distance behind the car in front of you, which allows room for breaking suddenly. Keeping an eye on your blind spots is imperative when dealing with obscured vision. If your windshield is free from dirt and debris, such as bags or papers, it can also allow you to have a better field of vision while driving. In addition, many shops offer polarized sunglasses that you can wear while operating a vehicle. These sunglasses keep the sun’s worst glares from making you squint and potentially miss road signs.

If someone who injured you has claimed that sun glare was the reason they were in an accident, it may be best to contact a professional in order to help your case.

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