OSHA fines company in 2 deaths after scaffolding fall

The construction is dangerous. Many companies in North Carolina and around the nation take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of workers. However, accidents still happen and sometimes they can be attributed to the negligence of an employer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration claims that this is the case in the deaths of two workers after a scaffolding fall.

The incident happened last year when two workers were pouring concrete during the construction of a new hotel. The scaffolding they were using collapsed and the men fell around 80 feet, dying instantly. Another worker held on and only suffered minor injuries.

OSHA cited two contractors for failing to properly inspect the scaffold. The first is facing a fine of nearly $145,000 for three violations, and the other contractor is looking at a fine of just over $13,000 for two violations. OSHA has also stated that if the contractors made use of proper drawings and shoring plans, the incident may not have happened. Officials sent a hazard alert letter to the companies that employed both of the workers, recommending that they create company policy to address potential problems like this one that may occur in the future.

Workers who are injured in a scaffolding fall or another type of workplace accident can file for workers’ compensation benefits. Families of any workers who die in this type of tragic accident also have the right to file for survivors’ benefits. Those here in North Carolina who have questions about the process can speak with an attorney to determine the best course of action.

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