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Construction workers have different options when harmed in a fall

During 2013, greater than a third of construction worker deaths were due to fall-related accidents. In addition, as many as 10 percent of workers may injure themselves in falls each year. Falls are considered one of the "fatal four" types of construction-site accidents that harm workers. Workplace fall accidents can include scaffolding falls, ladder falls and other types of construction-site falls. Falls can lead to serious injuries and damages for workers and their families.

Understanding scaffolding fall dangers for workers

Scaffolds on construction sites can be dangerous to construction workers for a number of reasons. Construction workers may share scaffolding space with building materials and heavy equipment, creating a precarious working environment. Additionally, scaffolding space can be small which makes the risk of falls from the limited area of a scaffold a greater risk. Improperly constructed scaffolds can result in serious injuries or death in some circumstances as well.

Scaffolding accidents pose a real danger to construction workers

Scaffolds are present on many construction sites and present a danger for construction workers who work on them along with heavy machinery and building materials. Unfortunately, the nature of harm resulting from scaffolding falls can include both serious injuries and death.

5 steps to insure safety at the construction site

Construction workers in North Carolina and throughout the country are important to the nation's economy. Because many operate dangerous machinery and work in hard-to-reach places, the risk of accidents is great. In fact, about 150,000 construction accidents occur annually, with 824 construction-related deaths taking place in 2013, according to a recent report.

OSHA policies to protect construction workers on ladders

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has policies in place to safeguard construction workers who have to use ladders on the job. Its policies are designed to protect workers in North Carolina and around the country from falling from ladders that are positioned unsafely or are being used in unsafe conditions. Construction workers who are at least six feet high on ladders must be protected.

Understanding construction injuries

Construction jobs can be some of the most perilous for North Carolina workers, and it is important to know how to deal with an injury. Although safety regulations and programs are in place to limit risks for construction employees, accidents are still frequent in this part of the workforce. While avoiding an incident through safe practices on the job is preferable, dealing promptly with an injury can be important for minimizing the impact. As treatment and workers' compensation benefits are sought in connection with a workplace injury, an individual may wonder about liability related to such an issue.

Work accident involving crane leads to man's injuries

If an employee’s equipment fails to work properly on the job site, this may lead to tragic injuries to the worker in North Carolina. A man unfortunately suffered serious injuries in a recent work accident in another state. The accident involved a crane, valued at a few million dollars, which malfunctioned.

Crews ready to break ground for Asheville school

With the winter completely over and the warm weather here to stay for a while now, we are well into construction season. Whether it is road construction, home additions or entirely new buildings, there are going to be a lot of new worksites across North Carolina. A big one is just developing in Asheville as crews get ready to break ground for a new middle school.

Work accident involves fall onto hotel balcony

One of the most fearful experiences an employee may have in North Carolina is getting injured on the job. This is because a work accident can lead to injuries that cause physical pain and discomfort, or worse. It may also cause an individual to be unable to work, thus creating financial insecurity following an incident. One construction worker recently suffered injuries after a fall in another state.

Workers' compensation might help man injured in construction

The workplace is full of unknowns in North Carolina, especially when a person is working at a generally hazardous work site. An employee never knows when one mistake might cost him the ability to work for an extended period of time, in which case workers' compensation insurance benefits can come in handy. He or she also doesn't know how serious a work-related injury may end up being and how much recovery time will be required. One person in a different state recently suffered critical injuries while on the job, and his employer has been fined in light of this.

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