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Apr 01 2019

Get the right therapies for your brain…

After a traumatic brain injury, there are several methods you might use to get yourself back on your feet. There are medications. There is physical…

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Mar 25 2019

OSHA fines company regarding toxic exposure

Companies in North Carolina have an obligation to keep their employees safe and healthy to the best of their abilities. That is why the Occupational…

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Mar 18 2019

OSHA investigating amusement park worker’s workplace injury

North Carolina families visit theme and amusement parks generally to have an escape and enjoy themselves. They often don’t consider how much work goes into…

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Mar 11 2019

OSHA fines company in 2 deaths after…

The construction is dangerous. Many companies in North Carolina and around the nation take all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of workers.…

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Mar 04 2019

Paper plant accused of being negligent employer…

Employees should feel safe while at work. Those who perform industrial work in North Carolina often do so in dangerous circumstances, simply because of their…

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Mar 01 2019

Workplace violence; the elephant in the (break)…

Employees worry about it, companies struggle to prevent it, yet it still occurs with alarming frequency. In the halls of elementary schools and college lecture…

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Feb 25 2019

Roofing company accused of unsafe working environment

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration exists to help protect workers. It investigates accidents at workplaces and levies fines when appropriate. It also supports initiatives…

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Feb 18 2019

Worker killed in industrial accident with sulfuric…

People here in North Carolina take great pride in the work they do. The completion of a workday gives many a sense of satisfaction and…

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Feb 11 2019

Scaffolding fall injures 2 construction workers

Construction work is a vital part of the North Carolina economy, but it can also be a very dangerous industry. Workers that suffer injuries or,…

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Feb 04 2019

Workplace accident: Fatalities down for 2018

Employment is a necessary part of most people’s lives. Even those who work in industries with an increased risk of injury or death likely never…

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