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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Fatal work accident remains under investigation

In a workplace, there are often obvious dangers. As such, employers in North Carolina and other areas of the country will often ensure that workers are protected from these known risks. However, there are sometimes hazards that may be difficult to predict. In fact, a man in another state recently lost his life in a work accident.

Injured worker transported to hospital

Most workers in North Carolina and across the country are aware that all workplaces have some potential for injury. However, the risks may be higher in certain workplaces. In fact, an injured worker in another state was recently transported to the hospital after he was reportedly involved in a workplace accident.

Fatal work accident near Disney World under investigation

Most people in North Carolina and across the country associate Disney World with happiness and family fun. However, there is often a great deal of energy and effort put in by a variety of different workers to ensure that a visit goes smoothly. Unfortunately, a worker in a Walt Disney World employee area was recently the victim of a fatal work accident.

Man suffers critical injuries in work accident

When many people in North Carolina think of dangerous occupations, the first thing that frequently comes to mind may be jobs like firefighters, police officers or military personnel. While those jobs certainly have risks, all jobs -- especially those that require the use of heavy machinery -- could result in a work accident. Unfortunately, a man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in a recent incident.

3 injured in work accident; 2 remain hospitalized

Under regular circumstances, most employees in North Carolina likely know how to protect their safety. However, when unusual, difficult-to-anticipate scenarios arise, accidents can happen. Unfortunately, three people were recently injured in a work accident that happened in a neighboring state.

Power plant shut down as part of work accident investigation

The vast majority of workers in North Carolina and across the country report to their job site as required, ready to work in a way that ensures their overall safety. As such they follow all safety protocols. Unfortunately, they could still be at risk of injury from a work accident if equipment malfunctions, for example.

OSHA investigating fatal work accident

It is in the best interest of employers in North Carolina and across the country to ensure that their employees are safe while they complete their work responsibilities. Unfortunately, even employers that go to great lengths to protect personal safety can experience a work accident. In fact, OSHA is set to investigate a recent fatal accident in another state.

Man dies in work accident involving chute

When most people in North Carolina think of dangerous professions, they often think of firefighters and police officers who are often forced to face dangerous elements face to face. However, those who work in an industrial or construction setting often face just as many threats. In fact, a man in another state recently passed away as a result of a work accident.

Fatal factory accident under investigation

Most workers, regardless of their occupations, are committed to ensuring that all elements of their job flow smoothly. This could potentially include making repairs to machines on their own. Unfortunately, workers in North Carolina could be at risk for injury when using -- and repairing -- heavy machinery. Unfortunately, officials in a neighboring state are working to fully understand the events leading up to a fatal factory accident.

Factory accident results in fatality; OSHA investigates

Multiple hazards face workers in North Carolina and across the country. While organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration create and enforce safety standards and most employers work hard to properly train employees and provide them with appropriate protective gear, a work-related accident can still occur. In fact, OSHA is currently working to investigate a recent fatal factory accident that happened in another state.

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