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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Scaffolding fall injures 2 construction workers

Construction work is a vital part of the North Carolina economy, but it can also be a very dangerous industry. Workers that suffer injuries or, even worse, lose their lives, probably don't ever think that harm will befall them while on the job. Still, construction workers' accidents can and do happen, such as a recent out-of-state incident that left two workers and a pedestrian injured after a scaffolding fall.

Collapsed trench kills worker in construction accident

The construction industry is vital to North Carolina. Not only is it needed to create buildings and structures, but it employs a great deal of people. Unfortunately, it can also be a very dangerous industry for workers. A recent fatal construction accident makes this danger all too clear, as authorities work to determine exactly what went wrong.

Construction worker accident results in death, OSHA investigation

The construction industry is the source for many jobs here in North Carolina and all over the country. Though construction work is a necessary part of modern life, it can still pose risks to employees, particularly if construction companies take any shortcuts when it comes to safety. A construction worker accident can have disastrous consequences, as a recent out-of-state accident makes clear.

Man's arm forcefully amputated in construction accident

Most people in North Carolina are aware that all jobs hold some degree of risk. The degree of risk varies, however, according to the type of occupation and the equipment needed to complete job-related tasks. For example, construction workers could face additional risks as they use the heavy machinery. In fact, a recent construction accident in another state has left a man facing a serious injury.

Construction worker killed when heavy machinery malfunctions

Schools are a necessary part of education in North Carolina and across the country. An appropriate setting to learn is a key ingredient to ensure that young minds are able to learn. A great deal of effort often goes into constructing and maintaining these buildings, with workers potentially facing a great deal of risk. Unfortunately, a construction worker in another state was recently killed in a work-related accident.

2 killed in electrical accident at construction site

When people in North Carolina move into a new home, they may not fully appreciate the work and effort that went into its creation. In fact, construction workers often face multiple risks. While certain safety precautions can be put into place, an accident with injury can still occur. In fact, two construction workers were recently killed in an electrical accident in another state.

Machinery accident remains under investigation

All jobs -- regardless of whether they are mainly set at a construction site or office -- hold some degree of risk. However, occupations in North Carolina and across the country that require the use of heavy machinery could ultimately result in a serious injury. Unfortunately, a man in another state is said to have recently lost his life in a machinery accident.

Scaffolding accident leaves 2 workers dead

Many people in North Carolina and across the country enjoy traveling and staying in nice hotels, but many people may not fully appreciate the effort that goes into creating these experiences. Even before a hotel is completed, thousands of hours of labor are put into it. Some workers may even put their lives at risk while doing so. In fact, two workers were recently killed in a scaffolding accident in another state.

Worker in serious condition following construction accident

Most people cross the path of construction workers in North Carolina as they go about their daily lives. While they may recognize the importance of this occupation, some are unaware of the harm such workers face every day that they report to work. In fact, a recent construction accident in another state has left a man in serious condition.

Fatal ladder fall remains under investigation

Every workplace holds some degree of risk, ranging from a repetitive motion injury to fatal injuries suffered in falls. Most employers in North Carolina and across the country go to great lengths to help protect their workers. Unfortunately, a workplace accident can still happen, leaving injured workers or their surviving family members wondering how they will cope. In fact, a fatal ladder fall that occurred in another state remains under investigation.

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