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May 07 2024

What are the top causes of workplace…

While businesses can implement safety measures to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, some accidents may be unavoidable. Without the right policies, employees could be…

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May 07 2024

Construction accident involved scaffolding

Many North Carolina workers are at risk of injury on the job — some more than others. Several industries have high rates of workers’ compensation…

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May 02 2024

5 common causes of work-related amputations in…

Safety is paramount when working in the construction industry. Minor oversights, such as skipping protective gear or failing to inspect machinery before use, can lead…

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Apr 30 2024

Changes in North Carolina workers’ compensation case

A case that a North Carolina pre-school owner had won on appeal has since gone under review by the state high court. The high court…

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Apr 18 2024

Workers’ compensation support for grieving families

In North Carolina and across the country, there are several types of work that are known to be more inherently dangerous than other jobs. Construction…

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Apr 09 2024

What are some leading causes of back…

There may be a variety of situations in which the tasks you perform at work could place a strain on various parts of your body.…

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Apr 05 2024

Studies on the risks of injuries among…

A work-related incident can occur under a multitude of situations and the fallout thereof could take a devastating toll on the lives of those involved.…

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Mar 19 2024

Staying safe when driving during wet weather

The presence of wet weather conditions can affect a person’s ability to operate a motor vehicle in various ways. Loss of traction and increased stopping…

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Mar 04 2024

Construction accident involving collapsed wall injures 2

It might not always be easy to understand every type of hazard that could exist on a construction project site. While performing job related tasks,…

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Mar 01 2024

On-the-job injuries high risk for engineers

The responsibility of managing health and safety in the workplace falls upon many people. Employers, for example, must provide proper training and safety equipment to…

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