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Truck drivers need to stay vigilant to avoid a crash

After logging thousands of hours behind the wheel of a semitruck, it's easy for truck drivers to become overconfident -- even cavalier -- when it comes to safety concerns. It's not that the truck driver is doing this on purpose. It's just that people can become somewhat numb to safety concerns when they do the same thing day in and day out on the job.

Because of the extreme danger and threat to human safety that semitrucks present, it's vital that anyone who regularly operates a commercial truck review the following core pieces of safety advice on a regular basis:

Never text and drive while operating a commercial vehicle

Not only is it unlawful and against company policy for truck drivers to text while driving, it's also extremely dangerous. In order to text, drivers need to take their eyes off the road for multiple seconds at a time. People texting behind the wheel are essentially driving blind and this means that they won't have time to react in the event of an emergency situation. Even though it can get boring on the long haul, truck drivers need to keep their smartphones out of reach and avoid the temptation to use them.

Never drive while fatigued, sleep-deprived or overly tired

Whether a driver is sick with the flu, tired from not sleeping enough or simply dead tired, it's important that he or she does not operate a big rig while in a fatigued state of body or mind. Being fatigued will cause the truck driver to have delayed reactions to dangers on the road, and even the slightest delay could mean the difference between life and death.

Never speed in a big rig

Semitrucks are slow and lumbering, but that doesn't mean they can't get up to high velocities when given enough time to accelerate. However, because semitrucks brake and speed up so slowly, and because they're bad at maneuvering to avoid a collision, it's vital that truck drivers don't push the limits of their vehicles by traveling over the speed limit. Speeding will make it easier to get into a collision and it will make the damages caused by the collision exponentially worse.

If you were hurt in a semitruck crash

If you're a truck driver who suffered an on-the-job injury while operating your big rig, you're probably covered by in terms of workers' compensation insurance. Workers who successfully navigate their workers' compensation claims will receive money to pay for their medical care and they may also receive compensation for lost income caused by an inability to work. The facts surrounding the injuries and accident matter, however, as they will dictate exactly how much compensation the worker is likely to receive.

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