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Don't fall off the ladder while you climb the corporate one

Construction workers use ladders every day. They're familiar with how to use these vital pieces of equipment safely. They also know that their lives and their livelihoods depend on not getting hurt due to carelessness when going up and down a ladder.

Office workers are different. They rarely use a ladder, and sometimes they'll stand on chairs -- which is risky and ill-advised.

Safe ladder use for office workers

If you need to get something out of reach, change a lightbulb or adjust the air conditioning vent at the office, never use a chair. Use a ladder instead, and be sure to pay close attention to the following ladder safety advice from the American Ladder Institute:

  • Don't use a ladder if you're feeling dizzy or tired as it might be easy for you to lose your balance.
  • Are you wearing high heels or slippery soled shoes? Consider taking them off and taking your socks off too before taking the risk of climbing a ladder.
  • Never use a ladder without inspecting it first. Any loose parts? Does it seem rickety? Is it stable?
  • Choose the right sized ladder for your job. Too big, and you might not be able to set it up safely. Too small, and you might fall off balance if you climb higher than you should.
  • Set up your ladder on firm ground. Do not place your ladder any kind of slippery surface which could cause it to fall out from under you.
  • Be sure that your ladder is not vulnerable to a door that could open and make it fall off balance. If there is a door, block it open, lock it closed or have someone present to guard it.
  • Keep your ladder to yourself. Only one person at a time can safely use a ladder.

Avoid injury and use your common sense at all times

The best way to avoid injury when using a ladder is to employ your common sense at all times. Reading the above ladder safety tips will also help. Sometimes -- when you're not used to ladders as an office worker -- your level of "common ladder sense" may not be up to par.

Although you will likely be able to pursue a workers' compensation claim to pay for medical care related to ladder injuries, everyone would agree that it's best to avoid them in the first place.

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