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Workers' compensation can help you retrain after an accident

When you suffer a workplace injury, medical expenses associated with the injury are typically covered by workers' compensation. In fact, workers' compensation, unlike standard medical insurance, will cover all of your medical expenses for a workplace injury or illness. There isn't a deductible or any co-insurance to worry about.

Another benefit of workers' compensation is that you receive a portion of your standard pay while you are recovering. Many workers don't realize that workers' compensation will also cover the cost of job training if your injury precludes you from returning to your career.

If you work in a more physical position, such as manufacturing, food processing or construction, injuries such as broken bones, nerve damage, or tears to your muscle or connective tissue could prevent you from returning to the same position or career after your accident. Without help, that could result in you taking a major cut in pay and working an unsatisfying minimum-wage job as a cashier or greeter.

Thankfully, workers' compensation can connect you with job training to help you continue to earn the same wage.

Workers' compensation helps you heal and return to work

The goal of workers' compensation is to help injured employees recover and return to productive work. Part of that may include vocational rehabilitation, which is a fancy way of saying job re-training or occupational/rehabilitation therapy to help workers retain employment. If your injuries or illness will keep you from doing the same job as before, you can receive help to recover your lost physical capabilities. If your prognosis indicates you won't recover the strength and range of motion you once had, then workers' compensation may help you train for a new career with similar income levels.

This training is critical, as without it, you may only be able to qualify for poorly-paid entry level and service positions. After working hard to build a career, you deserve better than that! An attorney can help you with the process of filing a workers' compensation claim, particularly if your injuries are bad enough to force a change of jobs or careers.

An attorney can help you with your workers' compensation claim

If you've suffered injuries at work, particularly if your employer has fired you or tried to deny your workers' compensation benefits, an attorney can make all the difference. An attorney can act as your advocate, helping to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve after a work-related accident. Whether you need help filing documentation or filing an appeal because your employer denied your claim, an attorney can help you navigate the complex workers' compensation system in North Carolina.

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