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Different options may be available to injured workers

Following a workplace accident, there may be different options for injured workers to consider to receive compensation for damages and to help them focus on recovery from the harm they have suffered. Workers' compensation is one option that may help with the damages they suffer following a workplace accident. Depending upon the circumstances, a personal injury claim for damages may also be possible.

While workers' compensation benefits generally cover any claim against the injured worker's employer, when a third party was involved in the accident, the injured person may be able to make a claim against that party. If the worker was injured by a defective product or by the carelessness of a third-party contractor at the same job site, the worker may wish to seek a claim for damages.

Victims of carelessness on a job site that leads to a workplace accident may suffer medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. The legal system seeks to ensure that victims who are wrongfully harmed by the careless behavior of another party do not unnecessarily suffer the consequences alone. Third-party contractors, employees of third-party contractors, as well as manufacturers or distributors of defective equipment may all share in the liability for the victim's injuries.

An important aspect of worker safety is making sure that other workers are not negligent and the tools the workers use as part of their work are not defective and that a dangerous work environment is not created for workers. When a worker's safety has been compromised, it is important for workers and their families to understand that different options may be available to ensure that workers receive the full amount of help they need to focus on recovery. For more information, see our third-party claims page.

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