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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Emergency workers called to scene of work accident

The vast majority of employers in North Carolina go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their workers. Their efforts, in conjunction with the efforts of employees, help to prevent workplace accidents. Despite these measures, however, people can still become injured in a work accident.

Details unclear in work accident requiring medflight

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, recognizing that there are many potential hazards in a workplace, promulgated health and safety standards intended to keep workers safe. Unfortunately, even when these standards are followed, a work accident can still occur. Injuries suffered in such an accident can leave workers in North Carolina and other areas of the countries suffering both physically and financially.

North Carolina worker suffers burns in work accident

Every workplace has its own unique risks, depending on the nature of the business. While most employees go to great lengths to protect their workers, a work accident can still happen, leaving an injured employer out of work and facing a large amount of medical debt. Unfortunately, a North Carolina man recently suffered burns in an industrial incident.

Man killed in work accident at FedEx hub

During this time of year, in North Carolina and elsewhere, delivery companies are working at maximum capacity in order to keep up with demand. Unfortunately, in all of the hustle and bustle, accidents happen and employees get hurt -- or worse. It was recently reported that a work accident at a FedEx hub in the Northeast resulted in an employee losing his life.

North Carolina industrial accidents: Lumber yard worker killed

In North Carolina and elsewhere, accidents often occur in the workplace. When this happens, those injured or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may be negatively affected in a number of ways. Industrial accidents, in particular, can be devastating. This appears to the be case following a recent incident at a lumber yard in another state.

Work accident risk higher in certain industries

When employed in certain fields, North Carolina workers face a higher risk of work-related accidents and injuries. Despite the inherently high-risk nature of certain jobs, employers have the responsibility to make safety a priority and eliminate unnecessary risks to employees. With an intentional effort, it is possible to reduce the chances that an individual is injured in a work accident.

Construction workers: be aware of the Fatal Four

Construction work is typically quite demanding, physically and mentally. Depending on the scope of a particular project, there can be unfinished structures, hazardous materials and powerful machinery to be aware of on a site. In addition to all this, workers are often under tight deadlines that require them to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Woman dies while working at Goodyear plant

The loss of any worker in a fatal workplace accident is a devastating occurrence. A woman who worked for Goodyear recently died in a workplace accident at the plant where she worked. The Goodyear plant where the woman worked is several hours northeast of the Asheville area. The 56-year old victim was a windup operator and roll changer at Goodyear and had worked for Goodyear for 15 years. She died during a recent accident at the Goodyear plant which is being investigated by regulatory authorities. Goodyear released a statement that the accident was reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and that they are cooperating with the investigation into the factory accident.

Fatal North Carolina industrial accident kills worker

Workers who have suffered harm in a workplace accident have options to consider. If the accident is fatal, the worker's family members may have options. Recently, a fatal industrial accident occurred in North Carolina. The North Carolina Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Division is conducting an ongoing investigation into the fatal accident. The 55-year-old worker was killed while working at a scrap metal company. The victim was pinned underneath a container and was pronounced dead at the scene.

North Carolina worker killed in industrial accident

A recent industrial accident a couple of hours east of the Asheville area resulted in the death of one worker. The man was operating a cherry picker in the downtown area at the time of his death. Although officials noted that the worker did not fall, he was pronounced dead at the scene, which was the site of a building that was under renovations. The accident was classified as an accidental workplace death. The Occupational Safety and Health Division of the North Carolina Department of Labor is investigating the industrial accident.